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SisuID gives you a free and certified digital identity you can use to securely and easily connect to the digital society.
It is based on Nordic values of equality, transparency, democracy and safety for every citizen.
Sisuid is driven and owned by the community. 



The Finnish Tax Administration’s SisuID pilot - Identifying foreign entrepreneurs online

The Finnish Tax Administration, together with cybersecurity company Nixu and Digital Living International, piloted SisuID to identify foreign entrepreneurs online so that registering a new company in Finland could be made digital, easy, and fast. This user-friendly process would help Finland to attract more companies and more tax revenues to Finland. The pilot shows that Finland already has all the technologies needed to reach this vision

SisuID is a part of the European Data Economy testbed

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra provides the ihan.fi testbed for experimentations on future Internet standards and open data economy technologies. See success stories of business pilots already operating on the ihan.fi testbed and SisuID. See the latest event and learn about the pilots.

The extensive SisuID community succeeds in creating rules for digital authentication

Exceptional collaboration between the public and private sectors

SisuID - National digital identity and authentication for everyone in Finland

Cybersecurity company Nixu, Digital Living International and Suomen Tilaajavastuu are creating a new digital authentication solution for the public and private sector in Finland. The goal is to ease people’s daily life as society digitalizes as well as to improve Finland’s competitiveness in the international markets.

30 November 2018 

Sandbox of Trust shifts up a gear to fix a digital identity for everyone. Receives funding from Sitra.

The Sandbox of Trust initiative where Nixu is participating together with Suomen Tilaajavastuu and Digital Living International has been granted funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Sandbox of Trust is developing a solution for digital authentication for foreigners

Electronic identification would help foreigners when starting to work or study in Finland. In addition, it would enable new kinds of services that will improve Finland's international competitiveness.


In order to provide meaningful digital services like payment, delivery of products or services, booking tickets or paying taxes online the services must know who you really are. This need is often based on law and makes all the serious digital services possible. SisuID enables this.

It is an authentication and digital identity platform, that is hosted and governed by the SisuID community. It provides normal and strong level authentication to service providers at low-cost. It enables also to link data and digital services with your consent. It can help to replace passwords and cumbersome 2-factor authentication mechanisms in your services. For citizens and foreign end-users, it's free.

SisuID's first version provides a way to securely remotely enroll a mobile authentication app and a digital identity. With them, citizens and foreigners can easily login to services. Service providers in the public and private sector can add SisuID as a login option to their services. It can also provide ID verification at a physical service point or work as a physical access token.

Service providers can integrate the SisuID login using standard based protocols, like OpenID Connect.

Strong electronic authentication is defined in the Finnish legislation and is based on the EU eIDAS regulation (see substantial level authentication).

Finnish legislation (in FI): https://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/ajantasa/2009/20090617
EU eIDAS regulation: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/HTML/?uri=CELEX:32014R0910&from=EN

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority defines the requirements to which all strong authentication providers in Finland need to comply. In addition EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable regulatory requirements have been taken into account in design and operations of the platform.

Requirements for strong electronic authentication in Finland (in FI): https://www.viestintavirasto.fi/ohjausjavalvonta/laitmaarayksetpaatokset/maaraykset/maarays72sahkoisistatunnistus-jaluottamuspalveluista.html

In order to create a open yet secure world we believe that everybody should afford to use strong authentication all the time - every time if needed. The SisuID community will be in charge of the pricing model. The current model is based on an annual fixed fee subscription with yearly active user thresholds. The pricing model does not have transaction fees. By joining the community early on, you can affect the pricing model.

We see that authentication is not business as such, but rather a business enabler. By sharing the authentication platform costs together with the community, all service provider's can get access to low-costs shared platform.

The community also provides a way for the private and public sector to co-develop the solution, so it will serve the needs of both also in the future.

Every organization can become a member of the community and acquire the service with the fixed fee pricing. Contact us below to get started!

We are aiming to launch SisuID during the 2021. Pilots are already ongoing and you can contact us to take part!


Join the movement and own it! It is open for everyone.
We are driving the growing open consortium.


Everybody is welcome to join. Membership is free and gets you access to the community events, project deliverables and sends out a positive signal that you are making the free and secure world possible for everybody.


SisuID Consortium

email: contact (at) sisuid.com

Contact persons
Pirkka Frosti / Digital Living
pirkka.frosti (at) digitalliving.fi
Joonatan Henriksson / Nixu
joonatan.henriksson (at) nixu.com
Sami Sinisalo / Vastuu Group
sami.sinisalo (at ) vastuugroup.fi

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